The Green Woman Farm

Farm to table healing

Growing a variety of herbs utilizing regenerative farm practices and permaculture standards to create the ultimate self sustaining environment.

Herbs, Teas, and more...

My name is Tessa I was born and raised in Alaska and I’m an Army veteran. I bought my farm in Elgin in 2020 after I got out of the service. The land was depleted of nutrients and I used permaculture and regenerative agriculture standards to regenerate the land and create a more shady and humid environment.

While doing so I provided ample space for herbs to flourish and love finding new plant species to cultivate and create into different projects. I love growing abnormal plants and have accumulated over 70 types of edible and medicinal plants over the last two years on my farm, and don’t see any signs of stopping soon.

While I researched and learned the best ways to harvest and preserve herbs, I discovered herbs can be used for many things. Including cleaning supplies, beauty products, self-care, healing, and so much more. I got into foraging native plants and finding more ways to use plants that are uncommon to society and utilizing care free efforts in our farming methods including dry farming to train plants to deal with climate change and our seasonal changes.

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