Terre Noire Apothecary 

Ritual offerings infused with alchemy

Small batch Apothecary
Handcrafted ceramics
Wellness Consultations
Homegrown in Taylor, TX

Herbal goods, ceramic art

Terre Noire is French for Black Land, and has roots in the meaning of the word Alchemy. I’m a clinically trained herbalist and started my apothecary around 2018. I offer a variety of loose leaf herbal tea blends, herbal extracts and body care products that are all made and formulated by me every step of the way. I use the finest organic ingredients and grow or wildcraft many of the herbs I offer. I try to use as much as I can from my land – even down to the beeswax from my hives. Sustainability and self-sufficiency are important ethics in my business, so sourcing locally or US grown herbs, and even using packaging that is reusable or recyclable, are important to Terre Noire.

My ceramic art is botanically inspired, offering useful small dishes, spoons and small bowls made from porcelain, or black clay, and Raku fired objects. Very simple design, that marry well with my herbal products.

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