Paintbrush Print Company

Inspired by all things cowgirl, retro and roadside

PPC makes modern souvenirs inspired by all things cowgirl, retro and roadside. Everything is original artwork, hand drawn and hand printed by Emily. Her studio is now located in Amarillo, but she’s grateful to still feel at home in Elgin, and still works closely with local businesses.


Paintbrush Print Company makes hand printed souvenirs with just the right amount of class and kitsch. I am a self-taught screen printer based in Elgin, TX, and I am trying to keep the tradition of travel trinkets and souvenirs alive. I grew up in a small town in Wyoming that swelled with travelers in the summer on their way to Yellowstone and I am a bit obsessed with roadside architecture. I like to collect things to remind me of a special time and place, so I make modern, high quality prints inspired by travel, places and experiences that I hope will do the same for others.

Happy trails! Emily

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Help support one of our favorite small businesses that is always there to support us!

This tank is another collaboration with Body and Shine Wellness in Elgin – the BEST SMALL TOWN yoga studio in Texas. Emily has designed a series of landscape-inspired tops for B+S and this resulted from a road trip to Roswell, NM. It took her a year to do it, but the timing could not be more perfect.

Take a look at the video below showing how Emily’s shirts go from idea to reality…

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