Irish Tulip Designs

"It's like I always say, having a weird mom builds character"


My name is Charly Rowe, Mama of 2 beautiful babies, Wife to a gorgeous HS teacher/ football coach, and I am the owner of Irish Tulip Designs.

Irish Tulip Designs came to me in a desperate moment of need. I work on a Medical ICU turned COVID ICU and I struggled coping with everything I was seeing, feeling, doing, and with the isolation that came with my job. I have never struggled with depression but it took its toll on my life and my families life.

I have been crocheting for 10 years and it wasn’t until coping with all that 2020 had brought my way that this very mundane hobby became my saving grace. Crocheting became my therapy.

Irish Tulip Designs is more than just crocheting, it’s crocheting with a platform for transparency. That’s why Irish Tulip Designs has become parts of my soul all mixed into one.

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