Cistern Flower Farm

Connecting People to Nature Through Flowers

Seasonal cut flowers grown in Central TX using regenerative practices


Cistern Flower Farm was born in the spring of 2023. After many years working in clinical research, I traded in my lab coat for overalls. Farming has brought me so much in terms of purpose, community and increased connection to nature. It is a joy to get to spend my days working outside and tending the land. My hope is to offer you a small way to deepen your connection to the natural world through local, seasonal flower offerings.

This is truly a small farm. I grow on less than a quarter acre and most days, this is a one woman operation. I strongly believe in ethical growing practices. For me that means using no till, regenerative agriculture techniques that build soil health, attract a robust population of pollinators, no spraying of harsh chemicals, and wise use of water resources. I am always learning, refining, and figuring out how to better dance with the earth.

Thank you for being here and for supporting flowers grown with integrity.

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